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* making core id dynamic. working on session segmentssessionoffsetEdwin Eefting2010-11-028-108/+110
* Merge branch 'master' of into sessionoffsetEdwin Eefting2010-10-3112-303/+434
| * fixesEdwin Eefting2010-10-252-1/+11
| * let modules load http_json themselfs. created config file for http_jsonEdwin Eefting2010-10-257-174/+120
| * IE canvas workaround. mousestuff is still broken in IE. thinking about rewrit...Edwin Eefting2010-10-212-1/+38
| * improved debugging and IE 8 supportEdwin Eefting2010-10-211-19/+36
| * improved new paper creation. now there are references to previous and next pa...Edwin Eefting2010-10-143-18/+66
| * cleaned up drawing parser in preparation for new featuresEdwin Eefting2010-10-143-48/+78
| * added chatEdwin Eefting2010-10-132-53/+96
* | testEdwin Eefting2010-10-131-0/+1
* fixEdwin Eefting2010-10-082-6/+8
* clear button. fixesEdwin Eefting2010-10-084-65/+119
* ui pimpsEdwin Eefting2010-10-081-11/+16
* fsck for stale clientsEdwin Eefting2010-10-082-1/+38
* bugfixEdwin Eefting2010-10-081-39/+43
* moved name stuff to drawing settings (duh). made pretty colors and sizes for ...Edwin Eefting2010-10-073-98/+109
* usernamesEdwin Eefting2010-10-072-5/+39
* improved new object creation handlingEdwin Eefting2010-10-071-1/+12
* improved new object creation handlingEdwin Eefting2010-10-075-53/+61
* bugfixEdwin Eefting2010-10-072-3/+6
* improved thread management. shared objects auto unloadEdwin Eefting2010-10-074-17/+96
* ignore exceptions in save allEdwin Eefting2010-10-072-1/+13
* textEdwin Eefting2010-10-061-0/+2
* colorsEdwin Eefting2010-10-061-0/+4
* pimpzEdwin Eefting2010-10-061-0/+17
* fixesEdwin Eefting2010-10-061-2/+4
* added nice index pageEdwin Eefting2010-10-062-13/+32
* added nice index pageEdwin Eefting2010-10-063-0/+175
* forced cachingEdwin Eefting2010-10-042-2/+2
* trying to improve caching, chromium still complains about browser cachingEdwin Eefting2010-10-043-14/+54
* improving userinterface and fixing bugsEdwin Eefting2010-10-043-12/+55
* enabled colors and width wooooohhhh:)Edwin Eefting2010-10-042-37/+101
* showing user list. when the browser leaves a page, a delsession is send now b...Edwin Eefting2010-10-043-18/+65
* bugfix. implemented url-based loadingEdwin Eefting2010-10-043-60/+51
* bugfix. implemented url-based loadingEdwin Eefting2010-10-041-0/+174
* added drawing loading/savingEdwin Eefting2010-10-043-16/+69
* temporary pimp for online demoEdwin Eefting2010-10-031-1/+5
* added abstract object loading/savingEdwin Eefting2010-10-033-15/+67
* made object manager more abstractpsy2010-10-034-46/+24
* handling of client leavingpsy2010-10-032-15/+53
* optimized server side storingpsy2010-10-032-51/+153
* last changes to clientside protocol, now we need to optimize the serverpsy2010-10-013-29/+35
* fix, but going to do another optimization of the protocolpsy2010-10-011-36/+22
* bug fix. new protocol works now.psy2010-09-291-13/+25
* optimizing cachingEdwin Eefting2010-09-291-62/+59
* improved drawing routines and local cachingEdwin Eefting2010-09-284-131/+231
* optimized rounding of floatsEdwin Eefting2010-09-282-2/+12
* implemented send queueing, to prevent message ordering problems and improve p...Edwin Eefting2010-09-282-41/+113
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Eefting2010-09-271-1/+1
| * testpsy2010-09-271-1/+1